what you will learn with this book

  • Do More Than Think Like A Man

    Steve Harvey taught women how to think like men, but those men he exposed were your father's age, learn the modern secrets to bypass the B.S.

  • Communication Techniques

    Are you afraid of saying the wrong things or asking questions that will push him away? Learn to stop awkwardness and erase fear in order to open up the lines of communication.

  • The Secret To Love Vs. Lust

    All men want sex, but there's one feeling that's even stronger than lust. Learn how to awaken the romantic in any man.

  • Get Him To Invest Time And Energy

    Still living life on his schedule, dating on his terms, or not dating at all? Learn how to get any man to put you first.

  • Get Over A Breakup

    Still stuck in the past? Dry your tears and gain control of your life after the trauma of heartbreak.

  • Unlock Your Power Over Any Man

    Unsure of where your relationship is going or if a guy is into you? Stop stressing and regain control of your love life.

Why would I need advice? Guys break their neck every time I walk by, I mean just look at me. …I'm technically single, but it's because all the cute guys are either gay or married.
Basica Alba
Fueled by Pride & Excuses
Ain't nobody got time for relationship advice. Me and my boo may not be official, but it's only a matter of time before he rewards me for holding him down!
K. Ratchelle
Full of Bitterness & Ignorance
It's only been three dates and he's already calling me his girlfriend and begging me to be exclusive. What's my secret? Duh, I'm a Spartan! What man can resist me?
Queen of Sparta
Has read Solving Single

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Get the relationship you want... Demand the commitment you deserve.

  • Women who have never dated.
  • Single moms unable to find love.
  • Ladies with body or weight issues.
  • College students looking for maturity.
  • Loyal women stuck in longterm relationships.
  • Virgin women looking for something legitimate.
  • Any woman who wants to take control of her life.
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    A word from the Author

    The single rate is the highest that it has ever been... so what! The number spinners want these statistics to appear so alarming that the threat of being single will entice you to settle for the first man that shows interest, make it work with the unworthy man you're already involved with, or pay a dating site to find love for you.

    You are not a statistic, nor should you give into the promoters of these concepts who seek to control women through the fear of being alone.

    The online dating industry, the diet pill companies, the cosmetic surgeons, and those men who don't measure up, yet find ways to crawl into your life, these entities all benefit from your "I will never get married," paranoia.

    Solving Single contains the definite answers that will take you from a statistic to a woman who controls her own fate.

    No matter your age, race, or nationality, Solving Single will unlock the riddle of man, giving you the knowledge and confidence to succeed where other women have failed.

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