Unicorn Delusion - Sample Chapter

You think you have everything figured out, don't you? All you need is a little insight into the male mind, maybe deal with a little baggage but other than that, you're great. That's one of the lies... or should I say "delusions" that many women share. Your results in life, romance, career, friendships, etc... tell you if you're great, not those conflicting thoughts in your head. Your brain is built to protect you most times. Feeding you excuses for outcomes like breakups, the lack of money, or having friends who turn out not to be so loyal. No more bullshit, it's time to Spartan Up.

My job is to build Goddesses, not girls who just want boys to text back or women who just want to get married before they hit age 40. The Unicorn Delusion deals with the concept of the “basic bitch” a vulgar buzzword that’s been overused at this point yet still aptly defines the characteristics of the anti-Spartan. Are you basic? I’m not talking about fashion, taste in music, or the hobbies you enjoy. This isn’t a fucking Cosmo article about the Top 10 Basic Bitch Things You Do. This is self-analytical psychology. A basic bitch is a woman who gets pushed around, who pretends to be strong, who falls for male manipulation, who wishes she was someone else, who wears a mask in the morning and a face full of tears at night, an ego-based woman at the mercy of the world. Basic bitches are the most typical females in every city. They talk the same, they act the same, and they are painfully transparent in their want to be validated by male love. Right now, you’re probably doing a mental check and confirming that you’re not that basic. Cut the bullshit. I don’t care which of your basic friends you compare yourself to, how much money you have, what your GPA in school averaged, or what your career title happens to be. None of that absolves you from being considered basic.

Take a hard look at your life. Have you been taken advantage of? Do you make excuses for your short-comings? Is your finger pointed at others every time you fail? Do you make defensive excuses? Are you able to walk outside and get a handsome man to take you on a nice romantic date? Are you able to walk into the next room and get your boyfriend to treat you like he did when you were considered a new vagina? Are you charismatic and engaging? Are you respected? Most importantly, are you happy… or are you just hanging on?

This book is for you. It has been waiting for you, and you have been waiting for it. It’s short. It’s to the point. It will poke a hole in the false avatar you call “self” and force you to rewrite your mind and with it your reality. Each chapter contains something different yet is glued together by the mission statement of “You Can Do Better!” I hope it serves to wake you from your delusion and start you on your path to Spartanhood.

The Unicorn Delusion:

How to Kill Your Inner Basic Bitch




here are two groups of women I regularly speak to, those in their 20s who think their shit doesn’t stink and come to me under cover of “Oh, I don’t need advice, I know all of this stuff. I’m only making sure I’m not missing something.” The other group are women in their 30s who are so beaten down and frustrated that they’re looking for some sign that they aren’t destined to settle. Unlike the 20 sometimes, the 30+ women have traded in the cocky “I KNOW I KNOW I GET IT,” teeth sucking for the hopeless whimpers of, “Maybe I missed out on my soulmate and need to take what I can get…” What changes over the course of 7-10 years that humbles the fuck out of the average know it all, leaving her a shell of her former self? The reality that she never knew as much as she led herself to believe.

When you’re young, you lack the wisdom that comes from making stupid mistakes and reflecting on them in a positive manner. You’re either naïve, and in the process of making that life-altering blunder, or you’re the stubborn type that puts the blame on other factors, thus never truly internalizing what to do right next time. When you grow older relationship fatigue sits in, and it cancels out the wisdom you’ve accumulated over the years.  A decade or more of disappointment knocks a seasoned woman down, and she becomes so sick of trying to spot lies and game, that she just gives up. Hence, being 30+ and weighed down by the past to the point where you continue to use bad judgment because you’re too worn out to vet or too lonely to be picky.

To be self-aware of where you are in life isn’t just the key, it’s the magic lamp that will lead to thriving in terms of love, money, or whatever you consider happiness. The disconnect between where you currently are in life and achieving this ultimate form of power is delusion. You’re in the midst of reading a book about self-improvement—in secret. The title of this book spoke to something deep inside, it smashed against the truth that you normally hide. You know you’re basic. You aren’t happy in life because you know you can do better. There are things you should work on…there are character traits you need to improve upon…but you don’t’ know how. So here you are looking for the answers that will trigger real change. Reading self-help books, looking at YouTube videos, surfing the net, these are private actions where you hit pause on your delusion and seek help on everything you struggle with beneath that fake smile you put on every time you step out of the house. Right now, you’re vulnerable, and I want you to stay here.

Leave your opinions outside these pages. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with these points. I could care less if you have examples of someone you know or heard about who succeeded at life despite their flaws. This book is about you and only you. You’re weak in ways you will never admit publicly, and I’m going to carve it out of you before it’s too late. How do you make an egotistical young woman humble her know it all attitude, so she can learn these lessons without having to waste years of her life? How do you dig the bitterness out of an older woman and prove to her that it’s not too late? You kill the delusion.

The Circle of Basic

The 34-year-old that wasted five years of her 20s with a fuck boy, then rushed into a bad rebound relationship instead of healing, is just the older version of the 24-year-old that’s currently writing me about how to let go of her on again off again boyfriend. Here’s how the circle goes: That 24-year-old won’t take my advice, she’ll fake like she’s a Spartan for a week, then get lonely or fall for some text paragraph from her dick head boyfriend. They’ll get back together, and it’ll be perfect for about a month, then it’ll devolve back to the hellhole relationship it was always meant to be. Fast forward a few years later… she will contact me again, saying that she wished she would have listened as the boyfriend is now gone, off posting new women on his social media or engaged to some chick who’s half as cute. She’ll question how a man that loved her quickly moved on. Meanwhile she feels like a loser for putting all that effort in for nothing. I will once again give her the best advice I can, which she will only take seriously until the next guy pops up calling her pretty and showering her with attention.

The moment New Dick comes on the scene, she’ll revert to the Basic Bitch she’s so accustomed to being. New Dick will waste another year, maybe two stringing her along, and then Miss Sassy Sexy 24 will look in the mirror and see Miss Beaten Down 34 and realize that she’s spent the past ten years dealing with men that never really wanted her. What hurts is that the men she was stuck on were never smarter than her nor did they pull the wool over her eyes with genius scams. Miss Beaten Down saw the red flags, but she kept playing along because—say it with me—Bored women with nothing to do entertain clowns! It’s her bad and she knows it, and now she’s motivated to change, for real this time.

Hold up! At this point her face isn’t as fresh, her hips are a little larger, her social circle has shrunk, and her confidence to go out and date properly is shot because she’s spent a decade having her self-esteem lowered. While she’s motivated, she’s no longer that vibrant young thing with options. She gets in her head about what can go wrong. She freezes up when she’s in public and face to face with a handsome man. She says dumb shit like, “I’m happy single,” only because she doesn’t know how to start over. She pays for dating sites and takes chances on past guys who reach out on Facebook because she’s desperate. That’s how that 24-year-old transforms into that desperate and burnt 34-year-old who goes to sleep thinking, “why didn’t I listen? Why didn’t I pick better? Why didn’t I see through the game?”

You most likely fall into one of those categories: Young arrogant and ignorant or aging annoyed and insecure. I want to uplift you right here and right now, so you can begin to turn that corner and follow the path of love, money, or any form of abundance you desire to a positive result. I’ve written books that go in detail on how to attain, but what good are they if you can’t go out and do it? To help you use any of my full books, specifically Men Don’t Love Women Like You to the best of your ability, I must burst your basic bubble, destroy the false self, and rebuild a Spartan Queen on the foundation of truth. That sounds abstract or over your head now, but by the end, you will not only get it, you will see that’s the only way to win this game.

A unicorn, that’s what all women believe they are. Something different and special, a creature that a man should be honored to have because of these extraordinary things you and only you do—bitch, please. It’s time to kill the delusion that you’re currently doing anything extraodinary, and accept that if your results have been trash, it’s because your attitude, personality, or conversation, are all mediocre! Go ahead and get defensive, say it’s the men who don’t know how to treat a unicorn. Blame it on your age group or your city. I’ll wait… When you’re done pointing fingers, look at the full board. Real unicorns win every day!

I had three women who used to email me for advice get married last year. I know four more personal friends that got married last year. All 7 of them had to kill their inner basic bitch before they could graduate to that level. Women are out here winning, and men are out here recognizing a good thing. For each excuse you pull out of your ass, I can point you to someone who overcame. Look to your own life. Your friend, your work associate, your cousin, someone you know is happy and in love, right? How are they doing better in life than you Ms. Unicorn? Because you’re too close to the subject be honest about how average you are. Like a mother with an ugly kid, you are biased! It’s time to look in the mirror and get to the truth of you, rip out that ego, and evolve! Below are traits that Basicas (my pet term for Basic Bitches) hold up as proof that they aren’t typical. Let’s go one by one and destroy these false concepts.

My Looks Are Special

False Wisdom of Your 20’s: You’re young and vibrant, and you’re still in an active social scene where no matter if you’re at the high end of the so-called Dime Spectrum or the low end of She’s A’ight, you constantly get hit on. Even if you’re getting approached by guys that aren’t your type, the results are still the same—These boys are on me! That’s the kind of confidence most women would kill for. To know that your sexiness is not just in your head, that you can actually turn heads and get approached, swells you with pride. The wisdom of the male agenda hasn’t settled in at this point, and you buy into the hype that if a guy goes after you, he must like you. You’re girlfriend pretty, why else would he break his neck to get your number… You’re wifey material, why else would he be trying to take you out on a date... You must look better than all the other girls he talks to or else he would keep wanting to see you…

Now you reach the next level: Overconfidence. Why should you vet him or test his intentions when a man’s acting like your groupie? At this point, he likes you more than you like him, which means that on top of the initial sexual attraction and lusty energy bubbling inside, you also have the rush of power and control that comes from having a man hanging from your clit. You foolishly believe that he will act right to gain exclusive rights and keep those exclusive rights because his actions all point to him being your number one fan. Logically you point to his initial consistently as proof that he’s not going to play you. Emotionally you’re invincible because you believe in the myth that a man will come correct for a pretty girl. Reality will show you that these kinds of men are usually sneaky and must be vetted, but at this point in your life story, overconfidence blinds you to this fact.


False Wisdom of Your 30’s: The older you get, the more your Dating Pools changes (for a step by step breakdown of each Dating Pool read She Ain’t It). Meaning that whereas you were in school and meeting tons of boys or clubbing in your 20s meeting cute guys every time you went out, at this point in life you settle into a routine. Your crew doesn’t really turn up, they do brunch. Your weekends are for running errands, not mingling. You don’t bump into new men often, unless it’s a newbie at work, the gym, or one that moves into your neighborhood. Unlike girls in their 20s, you aren’t getting hit on as much either. Predictably this lowers your confidence. You post a new profile picture on Facebook, and you get likes, big deal, everyone gets that shit. You go to the market and get a few stares, but no one approaches. You get dolled up for those few occasions where you go out, and maybe you get attention, but it’s not overwhelming like it was back in the day. The worst feeling is when a guy does break his neck to talk to you he’s either an older man whose thirsty for something young(er) or some busted guy that makes your pussy dry up. “Damn, am I ugly? Why am I attracting these Meth Addict looking guys!?”

This is the foundation that becomes your new normal, limited options and a feeling of hopelessness. Enter a decent looking man that chases after you, flatters you, and looks at you like you’re a feast. What does that do to you mentally? It stuns the wisdom you built up, and you revert to that naïve woman from seven years ago that felt overconfident. You know that men are fairer weather than Laker fans, but you entertain it because to be looked at as if you’re the sexiest bitch in the room and be told how perfect you are, flaws and all, feels damn good. All that time alone or dealing with bums makes attention from guys you would actually date, feel so fucking sweet. Once again, all the testing of this man goes out the window as you feel that you’re the prize.


Then Reality Hits: The novelty of a pretty face fades. As men, we impulsively chase after girls for dozens of reasons, the top being her looks, but once we get you, spend time with you, see you in different outfits, hairstyles, with makeup and without, your beauty becomes ordinary. Think about your bedroom and the pictures on the wall, the first week after you hang them up, it’s impressive, then a few months later they become just a part of the paint. Someone will come over and compliment a picture, and you’ll be like, “oh, yeah…thanks.” You have to be reminded of the beauty because we take things we see all the time for granted. The same applies to women. Your eyes don’t stop being pretty, your ass doesn’t deflate, your face isn’t less appealing, but to the man that was only impressed by those traits and nothing else, it’s no longer a big deal. Hence, a few months in and he’s gone from being your groupie to not having time to see you, to wanting to spend time with his friends more often, or even chasing other women who may not be as attractive as you. Never buy into the hustle that you’re so pretty that a man will want you forever. Most of us just want to borrow, not buy!


Look at Ms. Young & Fit whose body shuts down Instagram on the daily. Let me test drive that tight young body for a few weeks and get my nut off. After I have my fun I’ll move on to the next because I didn’t actually like you or anything you were talking about, I was merely lusting after you like every other dude with a dick and free time.


Look at Ms. Mature & Thick who knows how to fill out a dress and who I don’t have to worry about taking care of because she has her career on track. Let me get a fetish nut off for a few months, then fall back because I didn’t actually want her old damaged ass beyond the physical just like every other guy that shares the same body type fetish.


Men are predators, first, romantics second! No matter what category you fall into or what physical trait on you leads to attention, never let male attention drop you onto a false throne of power. He thinks you’re cute, so what? He’s up your ass and trying to see you, so what? He’s giving you compliment after compliment, so what? What does this man want from you for real? Is it sex? Is it a trophy? Is it a girlfriend? Is it a wife? Don’t jump to the answer you want, take your time and get the real answer he shows over time. The more a man likes a woman, the more typical females like him back because most are attention whores, literally selling out just because someone’s stroking that ego. Real relationships aren’t based on shallow attractions, they’re constructed slowly based on compatibility. “I like him because he likes me a lot,” is the dumbest concept ever when you uncover the truth that being a fan of your physical is not the same as being in love with your personality.

The delusion that you’re too pretty to get played will stick with you even when you get played because you will refuse to believe it was just lust or just a sexual mission. For instance, I knew a young woman who swore to me that the reason a guy kept her as a friend with benefit rather than commit to her was because he was so busy with work. “He’s not going to do better” were her exact words and she just knew that eventually he would get a break in work and they would be together. Wrong. He ended up making some other girl his woman. Same man, same work schedule, but suddenly he had all this free time to court and commit to another woman. Her hubris was tied to her looks, even after she got served humble pie, she tracked down the girl’s Facebook profile, befriended her from a false account, and emailed me several pictures asking, “No way she’s prettier than me, right?” This little Basica missed the entire point of what makes a man choose wifey over pussy—character. Which transitions us perfectly into the next section…

My Personality Is Special

False Wisdom of Your 20s: You’re young, hip, and silly which translate to your friends enjoying your company and strangers positively reacting to you because your energy is lit. No matter if you’re the shy one in the group or the leader, your sense of humor is appreciated, your advice is sought out, and being of the millennial generation, you stay woke. This forms an inflated sense of coolness and even intelligence to the point where you stop being self-aware. Your girlfriends talk behind your back, but they won’t bring up the contradictorily shit you do or the moods that bother them to your face. Your friends are like your sisters, so it’s accepted with a silent shrug. However, boys that want to fuck you, are they really impressed with you or are they playing along?

Now, this is where it really gets messy. Guys will text you all day about a bunch of nothing as a prelude to asking when they will get to see you next. The conversation isn’t about you, it’s about your schedule, and you already know why. Yet, you still smile when you get that text and rush to pick out something to wear, even if it is just a house date. If you’re not texting about seeing each other, it’s all about flirting. Men flirt to induce sexting or at the least get you comfortable enough to tease him with the idea that you may be a bad girl when you do meet face to face. At this point you’re not asking if this man likes you or the kind of opinion he’s forming about your character, you assume that he thinks you’re bomb as fuck because he keeps sending “good morning beautiful,” texts before work and “wyd” texts in the afternoon. None of these text conversations are showing a man that you’re any different from the next woman, nor is this man texting topics to delve into your personality. It’s all light conversation to prime you for his dick. He could care less about the last book you read or who gave you a nasty look in the break room at work, through flirt texting and asking to see you he gets what he came for—pussy.

On your dates, some of you may argue that you spend all night talking about real life and you connect on a deep level: This world is so unfair, the prison system is a scam, the earth is warming out of control, you want to start a business, he wants to start one too, wouldn’t traveling be nice, you both miss the old Kanye… then you finish off with half-ass rundowns of your past relationships that make you both look like the victims. No one cares, and none of that shit is impressive. “GL, our chemistry is crazy!” is a phrase I hear at least once a month from women telling me about some new prospect. You’re of the same generation, and of the same liberal ideology, of course, you’re going to have chemistry when you both believe the same shit, and both find each other attractive physically. It’s not your personality, it’s parody. At this stage, the things I’ve written about in terms of vetting or Dating Like a Spartan aren’t in your head reminding you to open up the topics and dig into the past. You don’t need advice, nor do you want to think about agenda. You’re grinning, turned on, and your ego is moist from him agreeing with your points and “wowing” at how smart you are. You aren’t going to test him after this, he gets you and you get him on the shallowest level, and that’s good enough.

False Wisdom of Your 30s: Older, much more well read, and able to hold a conversation about many topics, as an older woman you satisfy a man’s mind and this trait will make you the wifey type in the long run. Being well cultured is always a positive, but there’s a difference between knowing things and being a know it all. Men nod along and hit you with, “you’re right,” a lot because guys in your older Dating Pool also come with a lifetime of knowledge and opinions. The biggest lesson we men learn is, “let her talk…” at first anyway. This translate to a man who is just getting to know you letting you broadcast your opinion unchecked. Politics, entertainment, and the most talked about topic—men and women, are greeted with little blowback because your date isn’t trying to say the wrong thing to turn you off. Unlike a young man who will raise his voice and argue about how men and women should both split bills in a household or that 9/11 was an inside job, an older man isn’t interested in hypothetical debates that damage his image. Older men are astute and patient.

The wisdom of age lets an older woman continue to live out her fantasy that she’s the most interesting creature in the world and right about everything she opens her mouth to speak on. Thus the conversation topics stay limited and safe, which means the man doesn’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing to ruin his shot at your pussy. Your daily opinions on current events, your excuses on how your past setbacks weren’t your fault, your critique of other women as bum bitches, and of course your disdain for ain’t shit men and what they need to do to be better, is what you end up talking about. All he says is that he works a good job and his ex wasn’t a good fit, and you buy it. There will be no real vetting of his story or background because you’re excited to talk about all the shit you know, and like any smart man looking to snatch the cookies, he lets you go on and on.


Then Reality Hits: Most of you don’t talk about shit and the other half dumb down your conversation to fit in. So, how is your personality being projected? Are you truly seen as “cool” or are you annoying? Sure you’re book smart, but are you engaging? These are the things self-aware must know to avoid being delusional about their personality. I once advised this lady in her mid-20s who was dating an NBA player. Her first question to me was about topics she could bring up to make her seem cool to him. Should she talk about basketball, or does every groupie ho do that? Should she ask about his family and his childhood, or is that being too personal? Should she talk about video games, Marvel movies, and other generic guy shit? I asked why she hadn’t developed the skills to relate to the opposite sex in her 25 years on the planet. Her response, “I know how to talk to boys, but this is different.” I later found out she didn’t know how to talk to boys at all. She was the kind of woman that didn’t talk about shit, who would text nudes and selfies then utilize flirty language to entice men to want to like her. Like many of you, she was awkward unless she was getting smart and sassy, or being nasty. She was ill prepared to spark a good conversation with what she now saw as her meal ticket and realized that her personality wasn’t as bomb as she was led to believe. Just another Zombie with a Pussy.

On the issue of dumbing down, that’s almost as common. For instance, there was a girl who’s Facebook page was all political and spiritual. Dump Trump, Vision Boards, links to all kinds of social injustice protests and donation sites. I knew her in real life, and the moment she got around this potential boyfriend a mutual friend tried to hook her up with, she reverted to a little girl. She didn’t talk about politics, spirituality, or any of that shit from her online persona. She just giggled, nodded along, and made the occasional sassy joke. She and the guy ended up in a situationship for a few months, and that’s when she asked me how she to take it to the next level. After hearing how their relationship operated it was clear she was being played. Even more ironic is that the woman that couldn’t shut up on social media was voiceless in this so-called relationship.

They had nothing in common, but sexual attraction. They didn’t talk about anything deeper than movies and places to order food. Yet she still wanted him because she was lonely, and he was more attractive than the guys she normally talked to. Her want to be some incompatible man’s chick was more than her need to express her viewpoints with a partner, which made her personality half of what I knew it to be. The moment she tried to stand her ground he fell back and got a new chick, and she was back to posting ten times a day about the injustice of the world. Think about that. So many women run around talking about “stay woke” yet have a man in their phone playing them. Who’s really sleep?

Let’s switch to older women who believe they’re so smart and cultured and how they get caught up by the wolves. The moment a know-it-all makes it out of that honeymoon phase where a man nods along, those seemingly perfect guys reveal their true colors. He thinks your opinions are dumb, and can now check you with, “What are you talking about, that’s not at all how it happened.” He can play with his phone while you motor on about how some girl at work shouldn’t get married to her cheating fiancé because now he doesn’t have to front like you’re some advice guru. You’re just another chick with a hot take on what others should be doing with their life. Once he starts talking back, ignoring you, or making light of the things you think you know, the fighting starts. You’re older and stubborn, and so is he. What I witness is that the men win out because the older the woman, the more likely she is to fall in line, so this asshole won’t leave her single again. An older man understands the power of imbedding himself in a woman’s life. A month or two of him being a perfect gentleman that worships the ground you walk on feels like a lifetime. Are you going to walk away three months in once he starts to become less consistent or tell you that your work drama is stupid? Not if you’re the typical female. You put up with his bullshit, you remember how good he was during that first month, you allow him to slide and slide until it’s too late.

Think about the average relationship between two people that aren’t compatible: You talk to vent or complain. You talk to arrange when to see each other. You talk to gossip. In between those talks you argue with each other about something the other did. What happened to the talks about your business plans or goals? What happened to the vacation ideas or shared taste in music? Why is this man now spending time with other guys more than you? Because his boys actually have shit to talk about that excites him. Why is this man now having an emotional affair with another woman? Because even with her clothes on she gets him more than you do. You have to get this idea that flirting and venting is talking and that by having opinionated conversations you’re showing how bomb your personality is. Men are impressed by women who don’t talk the same shit as other women. Men are impressed by women that ask questions and follow-ups to prove that they aren’t suckers for sex baiting. How can anyone respect your mind if you aren’t giving them anything more than basic bitch conversation? When you do all the talking and refuse to dig into a man’s life, you prove how average you are.

My Vagina Is Special

False Wisdom of Your 20s: Men moan and cum fast when inside a tight vagina. Men grunt, “I love you... tell me it’s mine… you better never give Daddy’s pussy away… I want this forever…” like your tight vagina is Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. Men roll over to get another round in because you’re that good. Men call the next day to get another round in because you’re that insatiable. Men will even call a year later to get another round in… all because they realize no other woman can do what you do. When you’re young and sexually active, the statistics will read: Made every man I slept with cum fast and hard.

You’re ignoring the fact that other women can claim the same thing. Instead, you focus on what men say. “I’ve had some trash pussy… girls today don’t know how to fuck… you’re the best I’ve ever had.” It’s lip service! You want to believe that out of all the girls in the world you’re one of the...

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